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Natural Stone Bead Buddha Bracelets

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Stylish Natural Gemstone Bead Buddha Bracelets. These bracelets are especially good at healing because they are worn at the wrists, close to one of the primary flows of energy, the hands. By wearing the bracelet on your left wrist, the gemstone's energies will flow through the entire body. 

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Descriptions of each crystal are as followed:

Turquoise: Stone of the throat chakra, Turquoise aids in all forms of communication, inwards and out. Worn or kept near individuals speaking to a large crowd, it removes all fear and assists in eloquent communication of ones desired beliefs. Turquoise also aids in communication within yourself and also with the spiritual world.

Black Lava: Great for grounding and stability. It also provides a very calming, yet intense energy to help bring one back to reality. Its energy is directly connected to the root Chakra for an solid base of groundedness. 

Agate: Agate is formed by microscopic quartz crystals layered into a beautiful tree-ring like arrangement. Because of its layers, Agate is a very stable stone used to promote grounding and stability. Wear agate in order to bring yourself into a state that feels "just right".

Howlite: Howlite is an extremely calming stone. Placed under a pillow or worn to bed, it is an excellent ward against insomnia, especially when the cause is due to an overactive mind. Howlite assists in subconscious realities and takes the mind through journeys of the unconscious. Howlite unlocks memories of other lives and other spiritual dimensions as well. 

Goldstone: Goldstone is used to help achieve one's goals. It is also said to helpful in stabilizing emotions and keeping calm. It's reflective properites help one see inside themselves to aid in the introspective process of discovering what is causing emotional instability. 

Length: 19cm
Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Material: Gemstone