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Hand-Crafted Tree Of Life Healing Pendant

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Best Seller! Hand-Crafted gemstone pendants used for healing energy regulation. These hand-crafted and beautiful tree of life pendants come in 6 different gemstone types all with different qualities to aid in your journey through life.

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Descriptions of each crystal are as followed:

Carnelian (Anchoring/Cleansing): "The Anchoring Stone". Carnelian is useful to help anchor you into present reality. It helps stimulate creativity and also helps increase acceptance of the cycle of life and removes the fear of death. Carnelian is most known for its ability to cleanse other stones. Wear Carnelian and you will be cleansed as well.

Amethyst (Well-Being): A protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst blocks stress and negative energies and transforms them into strong healing and cleansing power. Amethyst is calming and stimulating as appropriate. It is a good overall stone and safe to wear on an everyday basis. 

Rose Quartz (Love): The stone of pure and unconditional love. Wear this stone if you are having troubles with loved ones. Rose Quarts purifies and opens the heart at all levels to bring deep inner healing and self love. Rose Quartz is also very good at attracting love, especially when it is needed the most. 

Tiger's Eye (Protection): Combines the earth energies with the energies of the sun in order to create a state of high energy that is solidly grounded. Tiger's Eye is also a protective stone worn by the ancient roman's when going into battle. It assists in protecting from ill wishes and negativity while also helping to accomplish goals and abolish procrastination. 

Jasper (Nurturing): Commonly known as the stone of "Supreme Nurturing". It is supportive during times of high stress and brings tranquility and wholeness instead. The stone reminds people to help one another and to maintain a sense of connectedness. Jasper is also great to help align the Chakras. 

Material: Gemstone
Metals Type: Copper
Shape\pattern: Rectangle
Size Details(Approx): 53x30x8mm;Hole:7x4mm
Chain Length: 40cm *Beware: Fragile Chain* 

Each necklace sold separately