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7 Stone Healing Crystal Bracelet

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This seven stone chakra healing brace let provides a gentle energy to help with overall well being. All seven stones (see description below) combine perfectly with one another for a beautiful, harmonious energy that is sure to make your day.

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Descriptions of each crystal are as followed:

Carnelian (Anchoring/Cleansing): "The Anchoring Stone". Carnelian is useful to help anchor you into present reality. It helps stimulate creativity and also helps increase acceptance of the cycle of life and removes the fear of death. Carnelian is most known for its ability to cleanse other stones. Wear Carnelian and you will be cleansed as well.

Amethyst (Well-Being): A protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst blocks stress and negative energies and transforms them into strong healing and cleansing power. Amethyst is calming and stimulating as appropriate. It is a good overall stone and safe to wear on an everyday basis. 

Aquamarine (Courage): The stone of Courage. With Aquamarine's calming energies, one is able to quiet the mind and help maintain a harmony between ones self and his/her surroundings. In ancient times, it was believed to fight forces of darkness and attract spirits of light. 

Quartz (Power): Quartz is the most powerful stone on the planet due to its unique crystal growth pattern. Also one of the most common stones found worldwide, its primary focus is to absorb, purify and release energy back into the world. Quartz is the stone of the cosmos and is capable of raising energies to the highest possible levels achievable. 

Sodalite (Mental Unity): The stone uniting logic and intuition. Sodalite is especially good at bring knowledge from the higher mind down into the physical realm. Sodalite is a phenomenal stone for the mind due to its ability to eliminate mental confusion and inspire intuition. It is also very good at clearing electromagnetic radiation and should be placed near or around electronics in the house. 

Topaz (Empathy): Topaz is a beautiful stone in the sense that it assists in ones ability to have empathy for all other living things. The stone is able to sooth, heal, stimulate, recharge, and remotivate all of the energies in the body which leads to a mellow and clear feeling. Topaz is very good at lifting mental fog and is able to bring joy, generosity, understanding and love to those who possess it.

Citrine (Wealth): Citrine is the stone of abundance. It's warming, energizing aura help attract positive opportunities towards the direction of the holder. Its generous aura brings only the most fruitful of opportunities and is best worn when there is an opportunity to increase your wealth (wealth can be anything, it is not just limited to financial wealth).

Length: 7.5in or 8.5in (19cm or 22cm)