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The Crow Frameless Canvas Wall Art

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A Unanimous Favorite Print! Unique and loved due to its vivid and spirited look. Includes one piece. Comes in various sizes. Canvas prints will need assembly onto a frame of your choice. 

Inexpensive international shipping!

Support Base: Canvas with no frame
Techniques: Spray Painting
Includes: 1 Piece

Approximate Metric to Imperial Conversion Guide

20cm x 27cm = 8in x 10.5in

30cm x 40cm = 12in x 16in

40cm x 55cm = 16in x 21.5in

50cm x 70cm = 20in x 27.5in

60cm x 85cm = 24in x 33.5in

70cm x 100cm = 27.5in x 39in