Crystal Guide & Meanings

For thousands of years, humans have harnessed the power of crystals to aid in all walks of life. The Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Chinese all utilized crystals for their mystical and powerful abilities. Many of these cultures believed these crystals to be the lifeblood of the energy that flows through all living things. Worn by many, in both ancient and modern times, crystals have been used to aid whomever sought after their healing strengths and characteristics. Today, the secrets of crystal energy and crystal healing is not too well known, but its effects are still alive and well. Anybody, even you, can harness the metaphysical power our ancestors once possessed!

Below is a simple list of many of the most used crystals in history and how they can assist you throughout your day to day life. If you do not see a crystal meaning you would like to learn about on our list, please email and we will work to add it to our site! Many of the crystals found below can be purchased in one form or another in our store!

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agate crystal meanings  

Agate: Agate is formed by microscopic quartz crystals layered into a beautiful tree-ring like arrangement. Because of its layers, Agate is a very stable stone used to promote grounding and stability. Wear agate in order to bring yourself into a state that feels "just right".

amethyst crystal meanings

Amethyst: A protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst blocks stress and negative energies and transforms them into strong healing and cleansing power. Amethyst is calming and stimulating as appropriate. It is a good overall stone and safe to wear on an everyday basis. 

aquamarine crystal meanings

 Aquamarine: The stone of Courage. With Aquamarine's calming energies, one is able to quiet the mind and help maintain a harmony between ones self and his/her surroundings. In ancient times, it was believed to fight forces of darkness and attract spirits of light. 

aventurine crystal meanings

Aventurine: Used in order to help protect against environmental pollution. It also protects against and diffuses negative cellphone energy that is harmful to the spirit. This crystal is known to defuse negative situations and turn them around into a positive opportunity. 

black obsidian crystal meanings

Black Obsidian: Obsidian is a stone without any limitations or boundaries. This causes the stone to work very quickly with great power. The stone is truth-enhancing due to its reflective qualities, which makes it very good at exposing flaws. Obsidian pulls us in the direction of growth and provides solid support while doing so. 

black tourmaline crystal meanings

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone used to protect from unwanted electromagnetic waves. It cleanses and eliminates all negative energies of all kinds when worn or within ones presence. Dispersing stress and increasing physical vitality, Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone for self healing. 

carnelian crystal meanings

Carnelian: "The Anchoring Stone". Carnelian is useful to help anchor you into present reality. It helps stimulate creativity and also helps increase acceptance of the cycle of life and removes the fear of death. Carnelian is most known for its ability to cleanse other stones. Wear Carnelian and you will be cleansed as well.

citrine crystal meanings

Citrine: Citrine is the stone of abundance. It's warming, energizing aura help attract positive opportunities towards the direction of the holder. Its generous aura brings only the most fruitful of opportunities and is best worn when there is an opportunity to increase your wealth (wealth can be anything, it is not just limited to financial wealth).

fluorite crystal meanings Fluorite: Fluorite is a stone of understanding. It has the ability to help one distinguish if decisions are being made by one's own true self or if one is being influenced by outside forces. It prevents all psychic manipulation and assists in stabilizing the aura. Wear fluorite when using a computer due to its ability to ward against electromagnetic stress.
goldstone crystal meanings

Goldstone: Goldstone is used to help achieve one's goals. It is also said to helpful in stabilizing emotions and keeping calm. It's reflective properites help one see inside themselves to aid in the introspective process of discovering what is causing emotional instability. 

howlite crystal meanings

Howlite: Howlite is an extremely calming stone. Placed under a pillow or worn to bed, it is an excellent ward against insomnia, especially when the cause is due to an overactive mind. Howlite assists in subconscious realities and takes the mind through journeys of the unconscious. Howlite unlocks memories of other lives and other spiritual dimensions as well.

jasper crystal meanings

Jasper: Commonly known as the stone of "Supreme Nurturing". It is supportive during times of high stress and brings tranquility and wholeness instead. The stone reminds people to help one another and to maintain a sense of connectedness. Jasper is also great to help align the Chakras. 

lapis lazuli crystal meanings

Lapis Lazuli: The stone of the Ancient Egyptians known to increase mental fortitude and intelligence. Wear Lapis Lazuli when you know you have a difficult task of memory repetition or testing coming up. Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye which also gives rise to psychic ability. It has the ability to assist you in making great things happen and accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks. 

malachite crystal meanings

Malachite: Malachite is a powerful stone but please handle it with caution. This stone has the potential to be toxic if used too often or used improperly. Malachite is an amplifier of all energies, positive and negative, which is why it must be taken seriously. Malachite is useful in cases of extreme complacence in order to help polarize emotions of those who feel they have none. 

opal crystal meanings

Opal: Opal is a very delicate stone with a very fine vibration. Known for its ability to enhance cosmic consciousness, it is able to aid in psychic and mystical visions. Opal aids in accessing and expressing one's true self. It is known to amplify traits and bring characteristics to the surface. Opal is a great stone for those whom are shy around new people.

peridot crystal meanings

Peridot: Peridot is a protective stone used to keep away evil spirits. It is also a powerful cleanser able to neutralize and release purified toxins. It is very effective at purifying all energy around it, however it does so in a very subtle, almost unnoticeable way. Peridot is a rarer stone and it is typically very hard to find a stone bigger than the size of a pea.

quartz crystal meanings

Quartz: Quartz is the most powerful stone on the planet due to its unique crystal growth pattern. Also one of the most common stones found worldwide, its primary focus is to absorb, purify and release energy back into the world. Quartz is the stone of the cosmos and is capable of raising energies to the highest possible levels achievable.

rhondite crystal meanings

 Rhodonite: An emotionally balancing stone that encourages the unity of humanity. This stone is useful in clearing, restoring and activating the heart Chakra and bringing the yin-yang relationship back into ones life. Rhodonite is great in healing emotional shock and panic by providing supportive energy and emotional stability.

rose quartz crystal meanings

Rose Quartz: The stone of pure and unconditional love. Wear this stone if you are having troubles with loved ones. Rose Quarts purifies and opens the heart at all levels to bring deep inner healing and self love. Rose Quartz is also very good at attracting love, especially when it is needed the most. 

sapphire crystal meanings Sapphire: Known as the Wisdom Stone, Sapphire focuses and calms the mind in order to release unwanted thoughts and mental tension. Sapphire aligns all planes of mind, body and spirit as well. Sapphire helps release depression and brings prosperity to all who wear it. 
snowflake obsidian crystal meanings

Snowflake Obsidian: Similar to Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian is also a truth-seeker. However, it is different in the sense that it calms and soothes the mind so that you are receptive before engaging in pattern behavior. It is a stone of purity that provides a strong balance between mind, body and spirit. 

sodalite crystal meanings Sodalite: The stone uniting logic and intuition. Sodalite is especially good at bring knowledge from the higher mind down into the physical realm. Sodalite is a phenomenal stone for the mind due to its ability to eliminate mental confusion and inspire intuition. It is also very good at clearing electromagnetic radiation and should be placed near or around electronics in the house. 
tiger's eye crystal meanings

Tiger's Eye: Combines the earth energies with the energies of the sun in order to create a state of high energy that is solidly grounded. Tiger's Eye is also a protective stone worn by the ancient roman's when going into battle. It assists in protecting from ill wishes and negativity while also helping to accomplish goals and abolish procrastination.

topaz crystal meanings Topaz: Topaz is a beautiful stone in the sense that it assists in ones ability to have empathy for all other living things. The stone is able to sooth, heal, stimulate, recharge, and remotivate all of the energies in the body which leads to a mellow and clear feeling. Topaz is very good at lifting mental fog and is able to bring joy, generosity, understanding and love to those who possess it.
turquoise crystal meanings

Turquoise: Stone of the throat chakra, Turquoise aids in all forms of communication, inwards and out. Worn or kept near individuals speaking to a large crowd, it removes all fear and assists in eloquent communication of ones desired beliefs. Turquoise also aids in communication within yourself and also with the spiritual world.