Crystal Healing Bracelet

Natural Tumbled Assorted Crystal Stone Bracelets

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Powerful and charming crystal bracelets for any and all occasions. Small enough to wear under clothing, beautiful enough to wear proud and true, these bracelets are the perfect addition to your daily life and to shaping your world into your own personal paradise. 

Descriptions of each crystal are as followed:

Agate (Stability): Agate is formed by microscopic quartz crystals layered into a beautiful tree-ring like arrangement. Because of its layers, Agate is a very stable stone used to promote grounding and stability. Wear agate in order to bring yourself into a state that feels "just right". 

Sodalite (Mental Unity): The stone uniting logic and intuition. Sodalite is especially good at bring knowledge from the higher mind down into the physical realm. Sodalite is a phenomenal stone for the mind due to its ability to eliminate mental confusion and inspire intuition. It is also very good at clearing electromagnetic radiation and should be placed near or around electronics in the house. 

Fluorite (Understanding): Fluorite is a stone of understanding. It has the ability to help one distinguish if decisions are being made by one's own true self or if one is being influenced by outside forces. It prevents all psychic manipulation and assists in stabilizing the aura. Wear fluorite when using a computer due to its ability to ward against electromagnetic stress.

Aventurine (Purify): Used in order to help protect against environmental pollution. It also protects against and diffuses negative cellphone energy that is harmful to the spirit. This crystal is known to defuse negative situations and turn them around into a positive opportunity. 

Quartz (Power): Quartz is the most powerful stone on the planet due to its unique crystal growth pattern. Also one of the most common stones found worldwide, its primary focus is to absorb, purify and release energy back into the world. Quartz is the stone of the cosmos and is capable of raising energies to the highest possible levels achievable.

Rose Quartz (Love): The stone of pure and unconditional love. Wear this stone if you are having troubles with loved ones. Rose Quarts purifies and opens the heart at all levels to bring deep inner healing and self love. Rose Quartz is also very good at attracting love, especially when it is needed the most. 

Labradorite (Mysticism): Labradorite, from my personal experience, is one of the most powerful stones I have ever encountered. Unique and mystical things take place when wearing a Labradorite that you connect well with. This stone has the ability to open your mind to new worlds, see things completely differently and to bring whole new experiences into your life. This stone facilitates initiation into the mysteries of life and the universe itself.

Turquoise (Communication): Stone of the throat chakra, Turquoise aids in all forms of communication, inwards and out. Worn or kept near individuals speaking to a large crowd, it removes all fear and assists in eloquent communication of ones desired beliefs. Turquoise also aids in communication within yourself and also with the spiritual world.

Tiger's Eye (Protection): Combines the earth energies with the energies of the sun in order to create a state of high energy that is solidly grounded. Tiger's Eye is also a protective stone worn by the ancient roman's when going into battle. It assists in protecting from ill wishes and negativity while also helping to accomplish goals and abolish procrastination. 

Length: 19cm
Beads Size: 5-8mm
Length: 19cm (stretchy)